Thursday, October 17, 2013

Watching Korean KBS TV Drama Episode 38

After going through the guessing game phase of only getting 16.7% per episode (10 minutes preview courtesy of KBS), some lucky spell came upon me in Room Number 6, and I found myself with full 60 minute episodes (Episodes 11 till 50 Final) of the strangely titled drama "Choegoda Lee Sunshin" aka "You Are The Best Lee Soon Shin" or in hangeul:

최고다 이순신

Episode 1 was given by KBS in Youtube:

Good news though: Now suddenly, KBS has released total full 5 episodes with English subtitles (see above link). Therefore it is likely KBS will eventually release all of them in Youtube.

To wrap the nice atmosphere up, here is a snippet from Episode 38:

Finally IU has the chance to act in a drama scene and she was so happy that the director gave her positive feedback.

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