Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SPAM Singles Onion Flavour

Writing with trepidation. This word is perhaps banned in some parts of the internet.

But in Korea, SPAM luncheon meat in a can, is a revered high-quality high-valued product. In countries like Thailand, the BRAND'S Chicken Essence was a revered gift, usually packed in nice boxes, hand-woven-basket selling very well during Christmas and New Year time, when it is given to older folks and colleagues or boss or teacher or vice versa.

SPAM luncheon meat here has that same level of respect and awe. They are packed in beautiful boxes, with red ribbon and gold trimmings. Gift sets, boxed sets, double boxed sets. Complete flavour sets. Original sets!

So I had to try somehow. I bought a Singles version. It is 80 grams and retails for 1900 KRW. The discount price that day I bought was 1200 KRW. There are 3 flavours. The one I had was Fresh Onion.

Quote: The premium Black Label hamper will set you back around $75 (£50).
"It has Andalucia Olive Oil, and nine tins of Spam," the company's brand manager, Shin Hyo Eun, explains.

Start Quote

The only way to get meat in those days was to smuggle it from the army base”
Ho Gi-sukRestaurant owner
"Spam has a premium image in Korea. It's probably the most desirable gift one could receive, and to help create the high-class image, we use famous actors in our commercials.
"Anyone who gets a Spam gift-set also gets a warm feeling in their heart."

SPAM Singles on the left.
On the right is something else. Seaweed with egg.

Things You Can Make with SPAM
Sushi topping, burger, sandwich, salad toppings.

Funny little joke:
A Solid Line Would Say "NO! DO NOT CROSS" But This One Is Dotted.
Feel Free To Enter.

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