Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Settlers of Catan at Boiling Pot Cafe Sinchon

Here are some re-cap photography of our board game session at Boiling Pot Cafe, nearby Sinchon.

"The Settlers of Catan".


Rules and how to play, how to win.

Arranging the board pieces, a colourful jigsaw puzzle-like board.

There's no 8-sided dice..

And no "fighting" ie. no war. 

Mainly constructing roads and ville. (we have a French version, so all the wording are in french)

Bon appetit..

Corn/maize is essential to build your town.

Occupying the most probable numbers based on probability is the heart of the game.

The resources are distributed when you hit the correct number of the dice.

That's a chocolate that looks like the yellow team.


Time to eat chocolate.

Warships! But no war.

Final position.

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