Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seoul Hongdae Pictography Photos and Stories

Random photos and stories of Seoul, mainly around Hongdae area.

Some kind of "pia"; insides are chestnut (pam).

My next favourite Korean-style ice cream after Bungeoppang fish ice cream.
This is winter melon flavoured.
There is a semi-fruity texture when you bite, instead of just "iced water".

Burger from supyeomateu

Meant to show the banana.
As in Japan, banana is a prized fruit.

Hongdae Eoulmadang-ro - art street

Farmers will drive down to the city to sell their produce.

Clear skies if you have a chance to really look up.

Dozens of stylish motorbikes.
I am totally amazed by Korean designers. Creativity. Design. Art.

Guess what? Look carefully.
It's a robotic multi-storey car park.

Hilly terrain in this neighbourhood.

Cafes are everywhere.

Walking down hill. Hip shot.

Gyeram ppang.
This guy just bought it fresh and I had a good chance to capture the essence of his delightful food time.

That's the stall. And his fore-shadow or blurred silhouette. 

Colourful delivery bikes. This time orange.

Some quick event, tables, and coffee.

People: normal people are everywhere.
It's not always Kpop, Kara, and T-ARA nor 2pm and 2am.
Sometimes there are 3.45 pm. (guess the nuance?)

Who is Neo? Me, jinja?

Burger King bright red and very new bikes.
They are the underdogs here with less than 10 outlets.
The main ones are Lotteria and McDonalds. Pizzas are everywhere too.

Burger King Hero Hawaii Seteu.
Two layers of beef, and one layer of big pineapple.

Vending machine drinks.
Colourful and if you count by nominal value. it's really priced super low.

Look at that coffee. Can you get 60 sen coffee ever anymore?

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