Monday, October 28, 2013

Gummy Day And Night Najgwa Bam OST of Master's Sun

Recently after finishing the final episode of "You Are The Best Lee Soon Shin", I had to cover the front episodes that I missed. Virtually Episodes 2 to 10 are my missing pieces. If you have read my previous posts, I initially started with 10 minutes preview (ie. 16.7% of an episode) and piecing the missing links from previous and next preview's flashback or simply filling-up-the-blanks. It was fun. In a way a new way of watching movies or drama serials. So instead of linear A to Z, t0 to t100, I was on t40 to t42, then blanks, then t50 to t52. Bizarre. Crazy.
미친 = crazy (michin)

기괴한 = bizarre (gigoehan)

Well what is more bizarre. I followed Yerim's suggestion with a new drama that she was following. The title is bizarre. "Master's Sun". It was some wordplay with the main leads' name. One is "master/CEO" and even his name is Joogun (master). And the other is Tae Goong Shil. And for some strange bizarre reason, she is Tae Yang. (tai3 yang2) so Sun! It must be a case of wordplay and linguistic play. I will find out more when I master(!) the language.

What I loved about the drama (for now, I am on Episode 5) was just this song sung by a "Gummy". (bizarre?)

Singer: Gummy (거미)
Song: 낮과 밤  or Najgwa Bam (wow another bizarre clump of words)
Translated as : Day And Night
TV Drama: 주군의 태양 OST

I made a poster for the mp3. It works with latest Google Music on tablets as well showing a full screen scrolling (tested on the Nexus 10 tablet).

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