Monday, October 21, 2013

Seoul Migrant Arts Festival

Last Sunday, we had Seoul Migrant Arts Festival. Here is my booth and photos of the atmosphere there.

Fun traditional game

Mini top, there are numbers on the bowl to indicate your points or winning numbers.

Kids get creative.

Some jumping game.

My poster, read my hand-writing.

Game with physical map of Asia. Fun puzzle.

Snacks from Asian countries.

Pop quiz about the region.

Building solidarity, we are Asians let's get to know our neighbours. 

Quiz in progress, how many did he get?


Busy making art of your mind.

My participants, they both won the grand prize, coffee, and notepads. Congratulations! 축하해요

Colours of Seoul.

Be creative. Write, draw, paint, colour. Have fun!

Migrant workers join in as a big group and one team leader gets creative

Playing traditional kicking game while wearing hanbok.

High school students

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