This blog was created for my current 2.5 month independent (indie) trip to Seoul, Korea.
The purpose of the trip is to discover Korean culture, learn some Korean language, do some fun photography.

There are indie art, indie film, so this travelogue is just about doing an indie trip. Previously I had done indie trips to Bangkok (and then lived more than the initial one month), to Bali, and China. This is the first time I'd be compiling the experience into a Day By Day blog.

Feel free to comment and ask any questions if you may want to do such a trip.

More interaction:
- musicians, indie, Kpop, bands, Hongdae
- artists, painter, illustrator, comic, cartoons
- dancing, freestyle, Zumba, Kpop choreography
- learn and teach Korean and English language (and other languages)
Art of Your Mind Seoul Team -

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  1. hey den i already posted a comment to delete my photos in your makgeolli night video but i guess you havent read it yet.
    please delete the video since i really dont want anyone to post my photos online without my permission