Saturday, October 26, 2013

Outgoing Ajhummas On The Street Gives Haemul Pajeon

On the way from the northern side of Jandari-ro after the monster donkatsu meal, made a few detour into smaller alley to find the supermarket I went before to get bokbunjajoo.

Then I spotted some counters and tables and a open air cooking session in front of me. They were several older ladies (ahjumma in Korean), or aunties (in general, we call everyone older that). Preparing and giving out haemul pajeon, seafood Korean pancake.

The greeter ahjumma, she immediately gave me a pack of wet tissue. Previously I was given one by Burger King and a Restaurant. Then another offered me drinks: tea or coffee? I choose tea. They were from a nearby church and just creating awareness, making friends, short conversations with "our neighbour", people that passes by.

Improvised cooking.

Helping hand.

Smiling happy ahjummas.

Wet tissue, haemul pajeon, tea.

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