Monday, October 14, 2013

BBQ gyeran jjim (계란찜) after Sunday's Catane boardgame

Last Sunday, we had another session of boardgame at a cafe instead.


While I will jump to the dinner we had which was Korean styled BBQ dinner with gyeran jjim (steamed egg) as a moat around the gogigui stove. First time seeing this special stove. Look at the photos below. The egg batter is poured from a teapot-like apparatus, filling up the moat. And while you are doing your bulgogi (fire meat), the liquid-egg will start to cook. It is more like the bungeoppang method of harnessing heat, rather than steaming for cooking the eggs.

The location is along the north of Sinchon subway station, which is the area between the station and Yonsei University.

As a basic rule of restaurants, you must have at least 2 person to start a stove. Each portion is 150grams for per person about 6900 KRW and more for different cuts, and types of meat. There were 4 of us; our table was just nice, a bit of a squeeze.

Zoom in and look at the "egg moat" encircling the stove.


Almost fully cooked, so this is more "soft-boiled egg" texture.

Fully cooked, looks like those gyeran ppang (계란 빵) below
Gyeran ppang usually sold alongside bungeoppang, IU's favourite! Ha.
From the TV drama "You Are The Best Lee Soon Shin"

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