Friday, November 29, 2013

Wondewall Day

Some sun yesterday. Went out to explore the parts of Hongdae that I came across on my first day, and forgotten about it.

Wonderwall, sun, plates, yellow airplane (not submarine), electric metres, LG box.
Still autumn redness.

Some Christmas goodies on a little cart.

Mexican restaurant. The colour of the signboard was strong.

Smart parking, multi-car carousel-parking system.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Selfmade Budae Jjigae With Luncheon and Mushroom 부대찌개

Budae jjigae DIY version. Not too many ingredients. Just luncheon meat from Lotte (instead of the popular SPAM brand), some huge mushroom (saesongi mushroom), half pack of noodles. I could have added egg and kimchi.
Camera: Xperia L phone

These mushroom tastes like meat. Makes you feeling full fast.

The kitchen is basic yet does everything a soldier requires.
Microwave, electric stove, hot and cold water machine, fridge, kimchi fridge. instant noodles and egg (irregular ration)

Lotte Luncheon Meat a new product to rival SPAM.

Game of Catan and Choco Mushroom

Jerry brought over some Choco Mushroom. I find it amusing and will be buying these for my nephew.

Choco Song-i. Apparently "song-i" means mushroom. New word.
The brand is Orion on the top left of the box.
Have seen this brand in Vietnam.

A small sized Pocky/Pepero with a mushroom hat top that is made from chocolate.

Nice design.

Seoul Office Fashion Play Typical Day After Work In The Subway

Seoul Office Fashion Play - Typical Day After Work In The Subway. Short collage. Olympus EPL1.
It was quite cold, and no flash used, and trying to use the light sources from the banners and electronic posters.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rainy Night

Expect rain this week. Some photos during the night.

Namaste Kebab Hideout

Some nights in around the busy nightspots of Hongdae, there are some vendors selling kebabs. 

I chanced upon their hideout in a small hidden alley.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mountain Hiking Trip To Bukhansan Bibong Section

Starting point signpost.
There is Geumsunsa Templestay.

The Team. One girl missing, she went to meet Zumba.

Cute, clear signboards and posters.
These creative and ideas with good design are everywhere - in the subway, inside the trains, parks.

Another peak. Look at that huge boulder. The colour of it is truly outstanding with the sunlight.
All the rays of the sun just keep coming better as the day progresses.

We are at the highest point. Alas, one peak area is off-limits unless you have professional gear, ie. a helmet, boots.
Top of the world.

Meal time. Coffee, must-eat-after-hiking-Korean-noodles, hot water 2.2 litres, and bonus Cocoa+coffee to get that nice mocha. We had pear too. The huge Korean pears. Huge, sweet.

Main meal. Healthy 5 grain rice, and splendid pork omelette.
Agasshi made them. Perhaps Andy made them!

Look carefully at the central spot. There are some hikers on that hill-top too.

We all woke up late. Then set off "late" but actually it was the best time to be on the top at about 3:30pm. The sun was at that golden angle. The rays made the foliage and rocks stand out.

Scenic view of other peaks.

학생 - Had earlier stopped by our meal place wanting to go to the peak that was forbidden by the ranger.
Then after eating, we decided to take Andy's challenge to get to the next peak (300 metres away) and the haksaeng was at this perfect spot enjoying the whole place!
We did a few superb photos here on Andy's camera. 

Steep climb almost all the way.
Amazing that we did it.
Dozens of ajummoni and ajeoshi that were pros notwithstanding.

A perfect couch.
I wish for...

... Top Of The World.

House Party At Andy's New Home

Andy and Shelly prepared a complete dinner. Gogigui, beef steak home cooked. Balsamic vinegar on the salad, roasted capsicum, onions and asparagus on the sides of the steak. Cheese cake, wine. We played some "Korean drinking games" like the "counting numbers omitting the 3, 6, 9s", spinning the bottle cap, twerking the bottle cap's locking spine (?)/ then doing the noraebang.

Huge salad.

Cooking and jumping. The huge Special Edition Metal Canister Heineken on the table.

Cooking and watching.

Cooking, watching and drinking.
This makgeolli brand is the "sitting" brand.
Hejin(Jia) just mentioned some traditional makgeolli, when consumed you apparently will be sitting all day and unable to stand. When we got the bottle out of the fridge, it was exactly the same story. 

Looks like tuna or salmon. But it's semi raw beef steak.

They made their own cheese cake. 

Ginkgo supposed to suppress or counter the alcohol, or sugar?
Not supposed to take more than 20 each.
Cheese cake, eating, hugging(!) and noraebang.

This year's craze is Bar Bar Bar, Crayon Pop.
SO since Andy and Shelly have not a clue what it is, we had to do something about it.

We want steak thiiiiiis big!
Ohh.. aigooo. (아이고 )
Then "cheeese 스"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Sunny Day In Seoul In Late Autumn

After 4-5 days of cold weather hovering at just the freezing point, it was sunny today at close to 10 C.

Xperia L, updated to Jelly Bean 4.2.2

The thin slice of a building.
Slim customers with BMI below 17 only.


Coffine Gurunaru, their colours scheme.

Still autumn, so leaves are still there hanging onto the branches.

More leaves.

Just the amount of sun to show the colours of the building.

Delivery men still doing their routine.