Thursday, October 24, 2013

No 1 Seogyo Bap Jib

Went about the northern part of my area. Last week I passed by this restaurant that claims to be "No. 1 Seogyo Bap Jib". (Number 1 Rice/Food House in Seogyo).

The owner is a tall man that greeted me in various languages. He lived in KL, Malaysia for 4 years doing some projects with the MINES group. According to the menu, the main dishes from the first item was "naengmyeon" cold noodles, and some other noodles. I asked the boss for suggestion. The recommendation was "tonkatsu". He says this is the best. So I ordered it.

Wow, look at that huge pork tonkatsu. It is no mistake, the huge plate came with two pieces of tonkatsu, with rice and some vegetables. There is soup and kimchi, on the self-bar near the kitchen counter.

Menu on the wall.

Huge dinosaur monster sized tonkatsu.

Many regular customers.

You must be wondering the price: KRW4000

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