Friday, December 27, 2013

Seoul My Story Christmas Present from Seoul

On the 13th of December, merely a day before I left Seoul, I received an email from SeoulOurMovie informing that I have to submit my physical address for winning the Video Award for November.

The package arrived today which seems like a Christmas gift to me from Seoul. It features a hardcover book titled "Seoul My Story, by K-Pop Artists - Dal-Shabet, ZeA, U-KISS".

Seoul My Story, hardcover.

Featuring K-Pop artists, Dal-Shabet, ZeA and U-KISS doing their own Seoul story.


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Fashion play, Dal-Shabet. Winter.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sunset at Daehangno

Vivid sunset colours at Daehangno, Naksan Park. (낙산공원)
Canon SX40.
Invisible Horizon

Cafe, Colours, Cartoon. Corea.

Students or Kpop

Murals and wet concrete.
Walls and stairs.

Up the hill to Naksan.
Bikes and cars and slopes.

Cycle Up Your Wonderwall.

Another Part Of The City.

I'm walking on sunshine.

Performing Arts.


Selfbar, korean gogigui place. Olympus EPL1.
Some etiquette: Cooking is usually done by males.

Choose any meat and any amount, but you must finish it.

Younger must pour for older. They must use two hands.

Never refuse nor decline an elder person's request for a drink.
Glass or bottle must be lower if you are younger.
Never be above the sunbae. 

Sangsang Madang.

Big Snow Day Bang 2

Newly updated: with video compilation

Warm and cosy indoors.
While snow flakes are falling outside.

Coated in snowflakes.

Perspective of snow.

Coldness and warmth, a contrast.

The snow must go on.

The signal.

Snowball kids.

Haena Samseong Fashion Play

Fashion-play: office girl fashion statement. Elegant, tidy, fresh.
Olympus EPL1.
Kakao-ing is communication.

Music + Kakao + Google Map + T-Money

Modern, high tech, futuristic.

Confident woman.

Good! Two thumbs up.

Children's Grand Park 2

Welcome to polar bear zone.

Sun bathing seal or sealion?

OTK 어떻게 (how)
How to distinguish these creatures?
First one is "water dog".

Sea animals feeding time is 2:30pm.

Upside down swimming.

Huge claws. Water wolverine.

물개 식사

Fish and fish.

The lone polar bear.

The facility here uses solar power.

Elephant feeding time.

Elephant couple.