Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bonus 박소영 문재오빠 Park Soyeong munjae oppa ft Son Dambi 손담비

Hello blog. I haven't written due to the fact we had a closure upon completion of my 2.5 months in Korea. But here's a bonus. I am back. (not yet in Korea) I am back, studying Korean language via KBS World's variety shows. They usually have some pop-up korean words as the actors/actresses/comedian are speaking. That's right, as they say the word or just moments before, they pop-up the fancy font subtitles. And thereby it works like a Flash Card. An aid. Or a quick quiz for me to match and frame the spoken word / sentence to the writing structure and hangeul characters.

Here is a compilation taken from "The Human Condition" featuring female comedians. One comedian Soyeong has a special catchphrase she is often associated with her act in a live comedy series called Gag Concert.

She does a little dance and says Munjae oppa!

Enjoy here for video.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hong Gil-Dong Before Christmas

Had met Miro briefly before her trip to Jeju, and was given "Brave Hong Gil-Dong - The Man Who Bought The Shade of A Tree". I shall share the book with my 4 year old nephew, who likes Crayon Pop, Psy, and IU. His current favourite is "The Red Shoes -  분홍신 ".

Boxing up some stuff, Market O Real Chocolate, mouse.

Brave Hong Gil-dong. My Korean homework for the next 1 year of my life.
Along with the Christmas message. 

새하얀. 매리크리시마시.
Learnt a new phrase. The front portion is 새하얀. means pure white