Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The day the temperature went below 20 Celsius

Yesterday there was light rain. It was the first day the temperature went below 20 Celsius. In Seoul.

Weather: I think I am going to enjoy the cool weather now. I've just 3 shirts, and the rest are mostly for winter. Might have miscalculated my luggage and brought too few shirts. Even though it will be cool then cold, we need to wear several layers and the basic layer is the shirt!

Bokbunja black raspberry wine: Distinguished Korean wine with exquisite taste and flavour, made by carefully selecting Bokbunja from the red clay area of Gochang.

This specially shaped bottle was bought today. 5800 KRW for 385ml. It costs 3-4 times more outside of Korea.

Mixing it with Cheonyeon cider to make a simple punch drink. Good for winter.


Beside another bokbunjajoo bottle


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