Friday, October 18, 2013

At Bar Da and birthday for Jae-en's friend

After dinner, we went to a rooftop kind of bar on a semi-permanent-looking kind of "shoplot". There are long narrow "escape" staircase that leads to the 3rd storey. Inside it is semi-wooden, and peering outside the panes, you've a good vista of Hongdae's night time atmosphere, crowded streets and music.

Old Boy beer sold for 4000 KRW.

Arnaud explained further some Korean grammar, "-gosipda". I heard that alot in the drama. XXX-gosipda. He talked about formal language to use with a senior person. Actually I was impressed because he is concerned about the culture and wants to know the correct way, instead of "short-cut" disregarding the culture.

birthday (saeng-il)

chukha (congrats)

They both get mickey double fingers at the right spot.

Will update: J__ and Jae-en. 

Cake from Baskin Robbins bought by 제은 - what a great friend. She cried for 2 seconds.

Close-up of the cake. It is delicious Baskin Robbins' ice-cream, with a cute zebra biscuit. 

Adding candles and talking about age.

The others are waiting impatiently with their spoons ready.

Night light with candle-light, gives a special glow without any effects from the camera.

Without flash, looks very warm.

With flash, still very warm with the candle lights.

Beer plus ice cream(sweet stuff) means faster alocohol in your bloodstream. 


모고십다. (is this correct?)

The surrounding view from inside Bar Da. (바다) And latest boardgame member, Aure.

Towards the end, we found out she is the stylist for Girl's Day, one of the group I listen to. See Girl's Day video below:

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