Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Short story - ppang shop with various types of ppang Itaewon 밤빵

During my journey to the Itaewon flea market last Saturday, I spent some time taking photos at this small booth selling all sorts of ppang or maybe it says hotteok. I bought 6 pieces of chestnut ppang (밤빵) 1000 KRW.

I think the only type she didn't sell was bungeoppang. (carp fish ppang)

Small but efficient booth space. She only has some standing area.

That pot has some secret ingredient in it. On the right is the red bean paste. 

Completed - close up image appears tempting.

Tidy, neat, strong colours. Appetizing.

These are filled with chestnut paste. 

Meticulous but effortless since it is a standard routine to "bake" a few sets of each types at the same time.

These huge ones on the left, I think it is hotteok. Looks like some type roti.
The ones of the shelves on the right too. 

Partial price list. Traditional No Fat Tay Roast Bun.
1 Hotteok (was 700) now 1000 KRW
3 Hotteoks for 2000 KRW

There are so many pre-packed. Guess hotteok can be eaten cold, while the rests seems delicious when kept warm.

Pouring. Hana hana.. one by one. 

Looks like another type. Since its on a 3x3 grid. 

You have to be there to smell the gentle fragrance. 

That's why I am planning to re-visit this booth again, today.

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