Saturday, October 26, 2013

Itaewon Flea Market Once A Month

Images from Itaewon Flea Market, held once on the final Saturday of the month. Thanks for Miro for the information.

Turkish ice cream.

Some type of dessert / cake from Turkey.

Couple power of 3.

Artist. Mainly.

Artists also consist of bakers or chefs. Lots of cookies on sale.
Presumably home-made. Everyone creates their own ideas and ingredients.
Seeds, nuts, spices, organic stuff.

Pigs and others. Who doesn't love pigs? After all, pigs and pork are ingrained in East Asian cultures.
Favourite food usually has pork. Gogigui (korean bbq), dimsum, Thai rice, Balinese babi guling. 

Read the sign.

Sellers and squished up in the narrow stairways.
Eager to sell anything.

What to buy, what not to buy.
Perhaps a research: what should I sell NEXT month?

At the end of the stairways, more outlets.

Some art project, hands-on creativity.

There was an old uncle (ahjeossi, for once not ahjumma) selling bungeoppang and with a number 4.
It surely means: 1000 KRW for 4 fishes.
So here is the final one.

This ahjumma's stand has all sorts of ppang.
The chestnut (bam ppang) is 1000KRW for 6 pieces. 

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