Monday, October 14, 2013

LanguageCast Hongdae by TTMIK

This evening I attended the language meetup organised by TTMIK (TalkToMeInKorean)

There were at least 50 to 100 people, therefore the scenario was extremely loud as in a club or pub. The setting was actually in a vintage styled English tea kind of cafe, called Chloris, Tea and Coffee. It is situated about 50 metres from the entrance to Hong'ik University, just doors away from Lotteria Fast Food, beside Coffee Bean.

Here is a photo with one of the members of the TTMIK group. They make high quality language learning videos.

With Seokjin from TMMIK. They make great learning videos.
Look at their youtube page, the video below features Seok-Jin doing "monster". 

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