Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bonus 박소영 문재오빠 Park Soyeong munjae oppa ft Son Dambi 손담비

Hello blog. I haven't written due to the fact we had a closure upon completion of my 2.5 months in Korea. But here's a bonus. I am back. (not yet in Korea) I am back, studying Korean language via KBS World's variety shows. They usually have some pop-up korean words as the actors/actresses/comedian are speaking. That's right, as they say the word or just moments before, they pop-up the fancy font subtitles. And thereby it works like a Flash Card. An aid. Or a quick quiz for me to match and frame the spoken word / sentence to the writing structure and hangeul characters.

Here is a compilation taken from "The Human Condition" featuring female comedians. One comedian Soyeong has a special catchphrase she is often associated with her act in a live comedy series called Gag Concert.

She does a little dance and says Munjae oppa!

Enjoy here for video.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hong Gil-Dong Before Christmas

Had met Miro briefly before her trip to Jeju, and was given "Brave Hong Gil-Dong - The Man Who Bought The Shade of A Tree". I shall share the book with my 4 year old nephew, who likes Crayon Pop, Psy, and IU. His current favourite is "The Red Shoes -  분홍신 ".

Boxing up some stuff, Market O Real Chocolate, mouse.

Brave Hong Gil-dong. My Korean homework for the next 1 year of my life.
Along with the Christmas message. 

새하얀. 매리크리시마시.
Learnt a new phrase. The front portion is 새하얀. means pure white

Friday, December 27, 2013

Seoul My Story Christmas Present from Seoul

On the 13th of December, merely a day before I left Seoul, I received an email from SeoulOurMovie informing that I have to submit my physical address for winning the Video Award for November.

The package arrived today which seems like a Christmas gift to me from Seoul. It features a hardcover book titled "Seoul My Story, by K-Pop Artists - Dal-Shabet, ZeA, U-KISS".

Seoul My Story, hardcover.

Featuring K-Pop artists, Dal-Shabet, ZeA and U-KISS doing their own Seoul story.


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Fashion play, Dal-Shabet. Winter.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sunset at Daehangno

Vivid sunset colours at Daehangno, Naksan Park. (낙산공원)
Canon SX40.
Invisible Horizon

Cafe, Colours, Cartoon. Corea.

Students or Kpop

Murals and wet concrete.
Walls and stairs.

Up the hill to Naksan.
Bikes and cars and slopes.

Cycle Up Your Wonderwall.

Another Part Of The City.

I'm walking on sunshine.

Performing Arts.