Sunday, October 20, 2013

Running Away

Today I am almost at the end of the drama, Episode 48.

Running away seems to feature many times in this drama!
1. Sunshin ran away. (she was chased away by her mother). Stayed at jjimjilbang, and eventually in the practise studio.
2. Her mother ran away and hid in the jjimjilbang.
3. Chan Woo's mother ran away.
4. Sunshin forced to run over to the "dark side" and stayed with new mom.
5. Joon Ho (CEO)'s father ran away and stayed at a one-room.
6. Song Miryeong ran away, disappeared.

Come to think of the situations of running away, it is much easier (and affordable) to run away in Seoul. Staying at a jjimjilbang is from $6 to $12 USD, you can stay the whole night, get nice shower, sauna, towels, hand towels, hot salt dry sauna, ample place to rest, TV, exercise room, books to read, a set of clothes.

There's no better place to run away.

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