Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wild Grapes Wine 1979 Sanmeoru

Wild Grapes Wine 1979 Sanmeoru, and coffee.

The third chinese script is "jiu" a general term for wine/alcohol

The bottle design is unique.

Both are uniquely shaped. Alcohol strength is 12% so certainly wine territory. 

So instead of drinking from the bottle, I usually improvise a quick and easy mix.
Mix some with some cider drink (like ice-cream soda) Cheonyeon cider, and you get an instant alcoholic punch.

The left TOP Espresso coffee comes in a super light weight thin metal container.
Again, I like the design and manufacturing process.

Burnt "flavouring" kinda like roasting my beans. Roasting my photo.
Now: "Smells Like Teen .. Coffee".

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