Saturday, November 2, 2013

Seoul Sunset From Sinheung-ro

On Thursday, I went for Kongbubang's Level 1. It starts late at 7.30pm. To make the day exciting, I set out early about 3pm to the Itaewon area to find that little booth selling all the ppang. Next I did a slightly modified walking trail into north of Noksapyeong, into the hilly area called Sinheung-ro.

What a tremendous view and timing. Olympus EPL1.

Using the light source from the lamppost, plus the church, to combine with the blue lights from the tower.

Sandwich between old-style Korean buildings. This area is kind of ancient. And modern looks so close by.

Lamp post provides brilliant colours and warmth.

This route was "easier" than the week before. It is the same area Sinheung-ro.

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