Monday, November 4, 2013

Makgeolli Night

This is makgeolli night organised by Lee Ga-Young.

Spicy pork legs that tasted like rendang curry. That metal bowl is for the makgeolli. 

Instead of photos, here is a compilation of both videos and photos. Individual photos didn't turn up well as expected (it was dark and using merely the Xperia phone camera)


  1. Hi this is gayoung lee. I dont want either video or photo of myself being posted on internet regardless of any purposes. Itd be nice if you delete this.

    1. Hi. Could you kindly post a mail or message from this originating event. We can't determine if you are this person above, but if you know the originating event or website or have access, then it proves you are real. In fact we posted this after the event and everyone was happy with it, so it's puzzling someone writing this here instead of our original contact point(s) and when it was originally sent.