Saturday, November 2, 2013

Seogyo-dong No1 Donkatsu Pork Cutlet

Tonight the boardgame members will be feasting donkatsu. These are photos during a previous reconnaissance trip. It is Seogyo-dong's Number 1 Donkatsu House.
돈가스 = donkatsu (don ka se)
Donkatsu pork cutlet on this enormous plate.

Crispy double-fried technique. It makes the difference.

First fry: coat the cutlet, fry mild at low heat, then put it away.
Second fry: crispy coating and fried till golden brown!

Results: soft in the inside, crispy on the outside
Look at the rice to compare actual size of these dinosaurs.

Finally: guess the price


Try this: 1000 KRW

The owner is friendly, and works 24 hours. I see him there all the time and this place operates 24 hour.

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