Friday, November 15, 2013

Jjajangmyeon Working Class Hero Staple Food

This is just across the huge Lotte Palace or some other extravagant name building. What the old man served here is the working class hero food = jjajangmyeon. ( 짜장면) 

For some old reasons, it is known as "chinese food". But as we know, there's no single chinese food, and every other chinese food could be an oriental food. Well it is noodles.

Plain and simple. And tasty.

General labour, bikers, delivery man, they all ate here.

The table or counter layout seems like in Bali.

Making my order: I ordered and thought I should pay 3500 won.
The old man told me it is 2900 won.
I will try the 3500 won version next time.

For single person eating. Still he spice the place up with tidiness, some potted plants, and little bins.

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