Saturday, November 23, 2013

House Party At Andy's New Home

Andy and Shelly prepared a complete dinner. Gogigui, beef steak home cooked. Balsamic vinegar on the salad, roasted capsicum, onions and asparagus on the sides of the steak. Cheese cake, wine. We played some "Korean drinking games" like the "counting numbers omitting the 3, 6, 9s", spinning the bottle cap, twerking the bottle cap's locking spine (?)/ then doing the noraebang.

Huge salad.

Cooking and jumping. The huge Special Edition Metal Canister Heineken on the table.

Cooking and watching.

Cooking, watching and drinking.
This makgeolli brand is the "sitting" brand.
Hejin(Jia) just mentioned some traditional makgeolli, when consumed you apparently will be sitting all day and unable to stand. When we got the bottle out of the fridge, it was exactly the same story. 

Looks like tuna or salmon. But it's semi raw beef steak.

They made their own cheese cake. 

Ginkgo supposed to suppress or counter the alcohol, or sugar?
Not supposed to take more than 20 each.
Cheese cake, eating, hugging(!) and noraebang.

This year's craze is Bar Bar Bar, Crayon Pop.
SO since Andy and Shelly have not a clue what it is, we had to do something about it.

We want steak thiiiiiis big!
Ohh.. aigooo. (아이고 )
Then "cheeese 스"

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