Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mountain Hiking Trip To Bukhansan Bibong Section

Starting point signpost.
There is Geumsunsa Templestay.

The Team. One girl missing, she went to meet Zumba.

Cute, clear signboards and posters.
These creative and ideas with good design are everywhere - in the subway, inside the trains, parks.

Another peak. Look at that huge boulder. The colour of it is truly outstanding with the sunlight.
All the rays of the sun just keep coming better as the day progresses.

We are at the highest point. Alas, one peak area is off-limits unless you have professional gear, ie. a helmet, boots.
Top of the world.

Meal time. Coffee, must-eat-after-hiking-Korean-noodles, hot water 2.2 litres, and bonus Cocoa+coffee to get that nice mocha. We had pear too. The huge Korean pears. Huge, sweet.

Main meal. Healthy 5 grain rice, and splendid pork omelette.
Agasshi made them. Perhaps Andy made them!

Look carefully at the central spot. There are some hikers on that hill-top too.

We all woke up late. Then set off "late" but actually it was the best time to be on the top at about 3:30pm. The sun was at that golden angle. The rays made the foliage and rocks stand out.

Scenic view of other peaks.

학생 - Had earlier stopped by our meal place wanting to go to the peak that was forbidden by the ranger.
Then after eating, we decided to take Andy's challenge to get to the next peak (300 metres away) and the haksaeng was at this perfect spot enjoying the whole place!
We did a few superb photos here on Andy's camera. 

Steep climb almost all the way.
Amazing that we did it.
Dozens of ajummoni and ajeoshi that were pros notwithstanding.

A perfect couch.
I wish for...

... Top Of The World.

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