Monday, November 18, 2013

First flakes of snow in Seoul for 2013 winter season

At 2:42pm, Jihyang sent me a Kakao "first snow in Seoul!"

I ran up the stairs to the loft. All I could see was washed out puddles of water. There was sunlight. It was very cold outdoors. 1 to 2 Celsius. And the winds makes it colder by another 5.

Canon SX40.

On the harvested vegetable plots of the roof where I lived, were some evidence of snow.
White flakes. While most of the rest were puddles of water.

It was sunny. Then I remembered that snow comes when it gets a little warm and then freeze.
That's what happens in NZ. 

I wrote "I am going snow hunting".
Then just at the footsteps from my apartment, it started snowing.

The flakes were flying randomly due to the strong winds.
Those that settled together form visible evidence of the white gold.
While others just end up becoming liquid form and fade away on the pavement.

Bright sunlight soon after the 5 minutes of snow.

From Xperia L:

Snowed. Den.

These flakes landed at a safe zone.
On top of the ice-cream refrigerator.

One kid who about to buy an ice-cream changed his mind and started collecting a bunch of the flakes and ate them raw.

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