Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beings Lounge

At Beings Lounge, newly opened by Ziah. All types of cocktail, drinks. Speaks: Korean, Japanese, English.

This place plays music from Radiohead.

Colourful. Warm. Shadowy.

Sometimes they become gold.

A clever trick with the bottles.

Comfortable seats.

Great selection of exotic liquor.
Each type will keep you warm in winter, and cool and summer.

Kind Ziah made me some cinnamon bread and some pate-like meat mince.
For drinks: it was custom made apple-cider alcohol.
Splendid for a cold November rain night.
Huge spacious ground. Space for dancing and more.
Dart "machine" is on the far right.
Want to know what it looks like? Then drop by!


  1. I like your pictures. What kinds of camera do you use? :)

    1. Hi Im Hyo,
      Thank you very much for liking my photos.

      For the BEings Lounge, I used Canon SX40. This is the main camera I used.
      Apart from this camera, photos featured in other posts may be either my phone (Sony Xperia L) or my brother's camera "Olympus EPL1".

      Feel free to join my Seoul art group: Art Of Your Mind Seoul